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New Home, New Work

Well, hello there. It has been far too long. I apologize for my long absence from here. I have missed posting images, art, and cataloging the process of the creative life. The reason I’ve been gone so long, is that … Continue reading

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An Announcement

Everyone has big moments in life, and well, this is one of mine. I want to be a cool-headed professional, but to be honest, I’m so excited and giddy, I would rather do a little dance. I am thrilled to … Continue reading

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Good Paintings Have Bones

Lately I have been considering layers. It’s cold outside. So clothing is layered. But so are people. And so is art. I decided to do a grand experiment and attempt to capture the layers that go into a painting. Not … Continue reading

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This is the beautiful work of Terrell James. Her work has been a kind of pivotal discovery for me. I had been in a very long process of trying to decide what kind of art I wanted to be making. … Continue reading

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Ode to an Artist’s Retreat

Well, retreat might be stretching it. Retreats should come with a view of the mountains and yoga. We’ll call this instead, and ode to a fabulous place to work really hard. And if you love your work, well, it may … Continue reading

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Painting In the Sun

Let’s start with the obvious.  It’s hot here in North Carolina. We’re talking “If I can help it, I only leave the house before 9 a.m.” kind of hot. I am a Colorado girl. I do snowstorms really well.  But … Continue reading

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Process: Courage to Finish

I’ve been working on this body of work for awhile. It’s a series of paintings that incorporate domestic objects interrupted by natural imagery. I’ve been focusing this body of work on painting.  Simply painting. I do a lot of mixed … Continue reading

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