This is Happy.

It’s late October and the Texas air has finally turned crisp and cool. The leaves are crunching beneath my feet and in my studio, I have even turned my space heater on.

With this season, I have some lovely art news to share. My piece, “Clay Garden” is featured in a remarkable publication called “Taproot.”

IMG_3031I have been reading Taproot for a long time now. It’s a quarterly publication—ad free- devoted to the noble simplicity of

“Living Fully, Digging Deeper.”

Yes, and yes.


The pages are full of depth. Each of them carefully curated to produce a work that is beautiful, authentic, and inspiring. The subject matter moves effortlessly through examining our relationship with the land and each other, fine art, craft, history, family, community, sustainability and hope.

IMG_3037Taproot’s editor is Amanda Blake Soule. Author of multiple books, she lives a life of simplicity and connection. I have been following her lovely blog “SouleMama” for many years now, where she shares moments of her family and homestead life. These moments are beautiful and honest, full of refreshing vulnerability and quiet leadership. Taproot is like a piece of Amanda and her wisdom being dropped on my doorstep, to hold in my hands.



As a quarterly magazine, each issue of Taproot has a theme. Gorgeous themes like soil, water, and paths, are woven together through images and essays, recipes, tutorials and memoir. This Fall, Taproot’s theme is entitled “Gather.”

IMG_3032You may remember that my recent watercolor series is entitled “Gathering.”

This body of work echoes the act of gathering resources as well as people. It’s about the beautiful, fragile, and resilient pieces of our lives that we build, layer upon tentative layer.

IMG_3033I am humbled and honored for my work to be included in Taproot’s inside cover. Not only is it a great honor for my work to be seen by a new audience, the contributors at Taproot are people for whom I have great respect. They are a part of a mindful movement which values the earth, the food from which it comes, and the communities it strengthens. There is not a hint of consumerism or trend in these pages–but calls to intentional living,  reflection, commitment and even joy.

IMG_3038You can find issues of Taproot in certain locations (it varies, according to city) and from their website. Be sure to check out their blog and the wonderful gatherings that they have annually. I want to attend one someday!

This specific issue comes with a gorgeous poster (which I framed!) of the cover art. It’s full of so much goodness, from front to back. I read it multiple times, with a strong cup of coffee, letting the words sink into me like rain.

IMG_3030Mostly, I just want to say thank you.

Thank you to Taproot.

And thank you to all the people who live lives of quiet beauty.





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1 Response to This is Happy.

  1. Donna Swauger says:

    I love how you live your art in your every day life. It is beautiful to watch.

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