We Celebrate Big

This month my lovely, spunky daughter turned two.

If you ask her how old she is, sometimes she’ll say “two” and sometimes she’ll say “too old.” This I find hysterical.

When there are two whole candles on a cake, the cake had better be yummy.

In the midst of me still trying to un-pack boxes from our recent move (where are my cake pans? do I still have baking powder?) I was so excited to do a little baking. In fact, it’s only when I bake that I actually feel like I live there. (Truth be told, if you let me bake in your kitchen I may never leave.)

And so it was with great joy that I got to christen our kitchen with this tiny two-year old’s cake. Citrus cake with vanilla pastry cream and fresh strawberries, and dark chocolate gnache on top. It was tasty. And I don’t really want to talk about how my daughter wouldn’t eat the chocolate part at all. Nor do I want to talk about how my first attempt at this cake was such a dismal failure that both my husband and I were doubled over in laughter. Life is not always like it looks on a blog, folks.

And then there are these little guys.

I knew that our move would be close to our daughter’s birthday and I didn’t want to be scrambling. So a few months before we moved I started sewing these little forest animals for her. It was really relaxing actually, so simply sew toys for my baby. I love the all-encompassing work of making fine art, but this was a really fun little side project.

See all their little tails?

It was fun to individually wrap each one and let her open her little forest friends one by one.

Mr. Skunk

I got all of the fabric from a thrift store, and had fun mixing and matching it in no particular order. They each have a collar of some sort, either a ruffle or a bow tie, or (my favorite) the raccoon has a neck tie.

Miss Deer

While I did not personally use a pattern, I am greatly indebted to the Gingermelon shop on etsy for all my inspiration. Check out the shop, they sell lovely patterns for all sorts of toys which are delightful.

Miss Fox

Mr. Raccoon

And finally…

Mr. Owl

So now we have a little forest family living with us in our new home.

After all, when there are two whole candles on the cake, you’re never too old to celebrate big.




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3 Responses to We Celebrate Big

  1. Those are the cutest animals ever!!!

  2. I know what I want for Christmas…..which one?

  3. Scott Swauger says:

    All the comments so far are about how cute the critters are… and they are adorable,,, But I think the cake was awsome. There I go again,,, thinkin with my belly. No wonder its time to go on another diet.

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