An Announcement

Everyone has big moments in life, and well, this is one of mine. I want to be a cool-headed professional, but to be honest, I’m so excited and giddy, I would rather do a little dance.

I am thrilled to announce that one of my pieces is included in the show “Crafts National 2012” at the Mulvane Art Museum in Topeka, Kansas. This show features 100 works by 87 artists working in craft based mediums. This show gathers together artists from all over the country into a small space, and says that the art of craft is alive and well, intriguing, explorative, and worth our time and attention. I am honored to be among these artists.

My piece, “Grasping Flight” is a drawing on fabric, stitched together to create a quilt. The drawings juxtaposes a peacock with scarab beetles, with turquoise embroidery linking the two. In the upper left hand corner is a transparent overlay with drawings of the world on a cellular level—botanic imagery under a microscope. All of these elements combine to create a commentary on our globalized world. The compressed nature of the world we live in is symbolized through the compression of space between these elements, all sharing space in one drawing.

 Rooted in the highly communal tradition of American quilt making, “Grasping Flight” references the communal nature of our globalized world and asks the viewer to explore that reality.

This is what I love about craft. Rooted in history, it asks the viewer to look again. As Maryanne Rodmacher says…always, always look again.

I was struck by the words of the juror of the show.

“I seek to discover the exquisite object, the presence of the hand, the mastery of craft materials and processes. I relish anticipating and acknowledging media specific works of focused and accomplished exploration. I marvel over works which exceed preconceived media limitations and offer daring risks and expanded possibilities. And mainly, I seek ideas- explicit or enigmatic- to mull over and to return to. I was not disappointed.”

Gail M. Brown

Please, if you’re in the Kansas area, go see it.

And quietly thank all the other artists, from me…….

for looking at the art of craft, and looking again.


Crafts National 2012, May 5–August 19

Mulvane Art Museum
17th&  Jewell Streets
Washburn University, Topeka, KS 66621

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2 Responses to An Announcement

  1. O.K. When do I get a copy of the catalog?

  2. krisgideon says:

    Congratulations, Skyler!!! Great work!

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