An Easter Feast

Welcome Spring.

There are yellow wild flowers in my back yard that I just tied into a bundle and are now smiling in my kitchen. My herb garden has miraculously come back to life. And I stopped for a whole minute while shopping the other day, just to watch this bird sing the most interesting little warble.

And there is an Easter feast to be had.

I love cooking for Easter. It’s cause for simultaneously light and decadent food.

I also like the process of gathering up the hodge podge of linens I own, picking wild flowers as if they were mine, and making an Easter basket which, if I’m honest, may be more exciting to me than it is to my daughter.

This year I made individual quiches bursting with artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper, caramelized onion  and creamy goat cheese. I’m not sure which part of baking these was my favorite.

I love roasting red peppers. It’s such a simple process, blistering the skin over heat, and then peeling it away. But it transforms the vegetable into this heady, deep flavor that lingers for hours.

Or was it blending the pastry, cut with lots of velvety butter and liberally studded with Herbs de Provence, giving it the subtle scent of lavender.

Or maybe it was that I knew, after all the blending and rolling and baking, that my table would be surrounded by people I love, laughing and drinking wine and my daughter smearing watermelon all over her new Easter dress. And knowing that meals have a powerful way of bringing people together—of making good things happen.

Yeah, it was probably that.

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One Response to An Easter Feast

  1. Your Easter Table is lovely and the food makes me hungry. May all your Easter Memories be full of colors and people you love!

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