Small Things

I am in my studio most days.

With the door open, in January. Thanks goodness I live in North Carolina. I noticed yesterday two daffodils growing outside my door. In January.

None the less, working conditions are a little chilly, and intense. Now that I’m working with encaustic I am learning a completely new medium, one which requires patience, and a blow torch. Literally.

While I learn this beautiful, complex, unending new medium, I am also continuing to make small watercolors.

Skyler McGee, Watercolor on Paper, 5" x 5", 2011

These works are essential. They keep me learning about composition, color, and negative space. They are primarily instinctual which means that I can be creative in new ways while working on them. And they are highly meditative, a bit like walking a labyrinth.

Skyler McGee, Watercolor on Paper, 5" x 5", 2011

What I have noticed is that the more I work on these small works, the more I see them reflected in larger, more elaborate works of art. Somehow the small scale informs the large pieces. I am learning from them.

Skyler McGee, Watercolor on Paper, 5" x 5", 2011

It is a wonderful thing as an artist, to realize that the tiny, quick, seemingly easy works are an essential part of the whole of a creative life. They are key to moving forward in the bigger picture, and play a much larger role in it than I would have originally thought.

Skyler McGee, Watercolor on Paper, 5" x 5", 2011

Thanks goodness for small squares of paper, and a few spare minutes.

Be kind to animals. Listen to children. Learn from small things.



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One Response to Small Things

  1. You do all those things well. May I practice learning from the small things more…..thanks for the reminder love.

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