Painting My Way There

New Work.

Soak it up. At least I have been.

"Sitting Bench", Acrylic on Canvas, 18" x 18", 2011

I want to make bold, new, brave work.

But I am realizing something about painting.

Painting, like writing, can ruminate in one’s mind for a long time. But the real discovery comes in the making. You learn as much about what you want to make by listening to the work itself. I have heard writers say that when a character really comes to life they will do things that surprise even the author.

"Apprentice", Acrylic on Canvas, 18" x 18", 2011

The same is true with art.

I find myself conversing with the work lately. Listening close.

I love these works. They are also not exactly the new work I’m dreaming of.

But I am realizing that to get to the new paintings, the only way is to paint my way there.

So here’s to the process; for you and for me……to whatever it is you’re listening close to and painting your way toward.

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3 Responses to Painting My Way There

  1. kathleen both says:

    when a character really comes to life they will do things that surprise even the author…
    as I said on FB, I am in love with your work and I have to smile at the wonder and fun stemming from the observation above. You are a rare woman Skyler McGee! Love the colors in these and also the titles! I want to purchase one of your beautiful paintings somewhere down the road! Hugs and our love to you, Tim and sweet Haven! Kathleen and Rick

  2. The discovery is in the making. I love to hear the things you discover. I love watching the spiritual and artistic growth. Saving for my next purchase! Love ya.

  3. I like this entry. Mostly because I just spent three nights in an all out obsessive fight with a new piece. I think it needs to be said that sometimes the conversation you have with a painting is not pleasant. As Philip Guston said (and I paraphrase, at some point I’ll get you the actual quote), you [the artist] are judge, jury, defendant and attorney in the courtroom of your work.

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