Feasting: Apricot Mousse Cake

There are some days that are simply not complete without cake.

These include: Birthdays, anniversaries, and high school break-up days.

There are also days that may not require cake, but are exponentially bettered by it.

These include: Mother’s day, Family Reunions, the first day of spring, the first snow, the last day of school, rainy autumn days, first harvests, last harvest, acceptances (or rejections) from Grad schools, the spring equinox and all Thursdays.

Ok. Let’s be honest.  Cake helps.

So on a particularly celebratory weekend for our family, I made one.

Apricot Mousse with Chiffon Cake and Strawberry Coulis.

I may or may not have done a little dance when it was finished.

Some people write incredible toasts, or host awesome parties, or give to charities when they need to celebrate.

I made a cake.  Cheers.

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6 Responses to Feasting: Apricot Mousse Cake

  1. Beautiful. I wish I was there to have messed it up!

  2. Melodee Crawford says:

    Your soul dances daily beautiful woman and thank you for allowing us to share in that via all that you post. As usual, I’m humbled by your being:)

  3. JESS says:

    so beautiful! are these decoration lines and dots made of frosting or white chocolate?

  4. sharon says:

    wow this is beautiful , is there anyway you could send me the recipe? i would love to make this for my moms birthday 🙂

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