Process: A Sea Snail and Colored Pencil Shavings

One of my current exercises is to make small drawings of beautiful things, with no larger intention in mind.

You see, there can be a lot of pressure in making large bodies of work, with unified themes, addressing complex theoretical issues. Don’t get me wrong, I love these things. I love the small steps that eventually make up whole bodies of work which have multiple dimensions. I love that they have taken (literally) dozens of days of work and I could probably talk about them for hours.  I love that it has taken blood (not literally) and tears (literally) to make art that matters. This is what I was trained in, and what I care about, and why I think art is more than making pretty things.  Art touches something profoundly vital in the human experience and has an ability to be in dialogue with the things that make life meaningful.

But sometimes it is a good thing to simply draw.

Or paint.

Because the world around you is beautiful and worth noticing and celebrating in whatever way you celebrate.  Here are some of my own simple celebrations this week…..




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