Making Things: Wedding Cake

As  I mentioned before, I made a wedding cake.

I don’t actually know how to make wedding cakes.  As in, this was the first one I had ever done.  I was privileged enough to work as a pastry chef assistant for one year, at a lovely and decadent German bakery called Guglhupf.  I spent that year covered in chocolate and flour, with a terrified yet exhilarated expression that basically meant this is amazing and I am in so over my head…..

That’s kind of how I roll.

Dive in, and learn to swim.

So when my dear friends Zac and Anna were planning their wedding, I dove in.

I wanted to make their wedding cake “On one condition” I said. “If I completely fail, it has to be funny.”  And Zac and Anna are awesome enough that this is possible.

And of course, as I get this odd thrill in doing things that are just beyond the edge of my skill set, the cake was tall, and had both sugar flowers and real flowers.  And of course, each tier was a different flavor.

Lovely Flavors:

Bottom Tier~ Lemon Mousse with Strawberry and Basil

Middle Tier~  Cinnamon Mocha Buttercream with Caramel Sauce

Top Tier~ Pistachio Buttercream with Blueberry and Lemon

It was a hit.

It was lovely, and pretty, and yummy.  It tasted a little like summer and looked a lot like friendship.

My hands were shaking the whole time, putting it together.  “What if the whole thing collapses?  And then there is no cake?  It’s their wedding day!”

I think it is exceedingly good for the human soul to occasionally do things that makes one’s hands shake.  I hope for you, that you too, will dive in.

And if you completely fail, well, it could be funny.  And if it’s not funny, it is still beautifully brave.

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4 Responses to Making Things: Wedding Cake

  1. I love tasting summer and looking at friendship in the mystery of “cake”. What are you going to do next to make your hands shake? After this…you must make a cake upon the visit of the “rents”. You know that don’t you?

  2. Kristianna says:

    Skye – your artwork and your artistry (and this cake!) are stunning. You amaze me.

  3. Audra says:

    I overheard someone at the wedding say, “See that cute girl with the short hair? She MADE the cake.”

  4. zacandanna says:

    “tastes like summer and looks a lot like friendship.”

    we freaking miss you.


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