Moments: Slowing Down

It’s been busy here.

I mean busy.

I made a wedding cake. Have I mentioned that I’m not actually qualified to be making wedding cakes?  More on that later.

And had a friend in town, and a little mini art show.  All in the midst of making art/dinner/friends/home/garden etc.

So this weekend we took it slow.

We ate long breakfasts.  And drank many cups of coffee, while I poured cream into my mug and watched it swirl beautifully.  I love that part.

We played with many blocks and read many books……

We listened to Bob Dylan and took long walks.  And ate frozen yogurt and popsicles.

It was great. And sweet.

Today I’m back to making art…..which is equally refreshing on the heels of a weekend drenched in slow.  I wish you the same.

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One Response to Moments: Slowing Down

  1. Truly…does the Haven part of “we” ever slow down?

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